Thursday, March 31, 2016

Boho chick hits the town

Hey guys,
So today was pretty dull. Had a lot of work to do and preparing project and a long 4h shooting and that kinda covers the day I believe. Meanwhile, I took like 30min to relax and of course, shoot my outfit which is totally cool and I'm sure you'll absolutely love this boho look. I'm wearing my cute Sammydress bohemian slit dress, a pair of old Zara boots, my trusted Sacha satchel which completely matches the outfit and underneath well, you can pair it however you like. I worn a pair of suede shorts and a corset top.
If you're wondering about my new super cute iPhone case, well, know it comes from Ankit. They do a lot of cool stuff, not only for your phone, but for the house and such... I'll be sure to make a blogpost about them and my other awesome pieces I got from them.
This is my outfit of the day trailer: 

What I wore:
- Sammydress maxi dress ( find it here)
- Zara boots
- Mango shorts
- Guess top
- Sacha satchel ( find it here)
- Ankit iPhone case ( find it here)

So I really hope you like the look, guys! 
I think that I never done a boho look in a red know that usual these looks are more in the beige palette or even light blue/white.. Ever since I saw how nice my Sacha satchel went with this beautiful dress, I thought to myself " oh, I'm super inspired and I'll do this look in a boho chic"!

Come back tomorrow for another awesome post :)


  1. Such a beautiful boho outfit <3 You look gorgeous!!!

  2. you look so feminine, pretty but strong at the same time. I adore how you match the red floral maxi dress with the beige boots. you rocks! Check my new video that will make you smile :D

    cheers! and love!

  3. Loving the boho style.


  4. That boho looks perfect on you! pretty!

  5. such a stunning boho look! I love all the pops of red too! :)

    Metallic Paws

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