Friday, March 18, 2016

A day in the park

Hey guys,
So with the arrival of the sunnier days, I wanted to do a special post for you today. I went yesterday in the park because I felt cooked up in the house and since it was sunny and everything, I thought it would be so much more fun to breathe some fresh air in a nearby park. Staying in front of a screen all day every day isn't really healthy and since I'm trying to have a healthier life like going to the gym, drinking more water, etc. , I thought a walk in the park, enjoying the sun would be a blast. Plus, now I can take my laptop with me and do my work there. I really LOVE my super cool laptop sleeve from Snupped which was custom made ( I choose the design from the wide variety of them, but you can also upload your own). They have a lot of awesome products for your phone or tablet, and even fashionable items like shopping bags and accessory pouches. 
Plus, my laptop sleeve had a handle option so actually, you can wear it as a handbag and it also features two pockets inside to store your belongings. Very useful and not to mention cute!
In this outfit, I've worn it with a pair of white Guess pants, my lovely top from Marie& Frisco, a pair of pink matching shoes and this super cool necklace from Rings& Tings.

Here's my little video on YouTube. Call it more like a trailer of my look hahaha - don't forget to subscribe :D

What I wear:
- Marie& Frisco top ( find it here)
- Guess pants 
- Snupped laptop sleeve ( find it here)
- Rings& Tings necklace ( find it here)

Thank you so much for visiting ! 


  1. Que guapa!!! Me encantan la blusa y los zapatos!!!

    Feliz sabado, un besazo


  2. That laptop sleeve it the most awesome laptop sleeve I've ever seen. It looks so much better than those bulky bags most people have.

    x Envy
    Lost in Translation


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