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Halloween 20.14

Hi, guys  And Happy Halloween! So, what are your plans for tonight? I thought that today I would do a special Halloween post, limited edition lol. I guess that this year I'm 100% in the Halloween spirit and I just couldn't stand by and watch everyone disguise themselves into monsters and gulls, witches and vampires. :) I wanted to keep the fashionable part of my look though, so I went for a simple laced dress from Miusol, an online store where you can find so many wonderful dresses for every occasion, as my dress works perfectly for an evening event as well. They are hosting a Giveaway as well, but all about that in a future post :)

What I wore: - Miusol laced dress ( find it here) - Zara shoes - Six earrings
I hope you will have a great Halloween party tonight! Thank you for visiting my blog ! Kisses, R.

Give it Up

Hello, sweeties! Hope your week is going well so far. Sadly, I'm a bit sick and I'm stuffing myself with pills to get it over with...especially when I have some shoots to do this weekend. Anyway, as they say - no matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up. So I did! The cute dress from Chiceru, an online store specialized in women's clothing that is very affordable and not to mention really trendy. Among today's look, I would like to share with you as well a song I personally like:

What I wore: - Chiceru dress ( find it here) - Mango heels - Asos envelope bag - Pretty Purple Boutique earrings ( find it here)
These lovely earrings from Pretty Purple Boutique are so perfect for this look, don't you think so ? Also, that goes for any other girly look for that matter :) Thank you for visiting my blog and I wish you all a great night! Kisses, R.

Be my medicine for reality

Hi, guys! I took a little break yesterday cause it was just one of those days where I just felt like lying in bed all day. Well, actually I didn't do that, but I had this big amount of "not-in-the-mood" type of sensation that I let the day pass by without even knowing it. Anyway, I regretted that today cause it was raining and I still had to go out. The outfit for this cloudy rainy day is of course, something really comfy and yes, I love it! My pills sweater from Mr.GUGU& Miss Go is the center piece of the look !  Hope you like it as well ^^

What I wore: - Mr GUGU & Miss GO sweater ( find it here) - Zara leggings  - Nike platform sneakers - Guess satchel
So how do you like this sporty/comfy look? Thank you for stopping by my blog; if you want you can follow me on Instagram as well. Kisses, R.


Hi, guys! We had such a sunny day here in Brussels that it put me in the mood to go outside a little in the afternoon. Of course, being so warm, I wanted to take out for a spin my lavender chiffon top with ruffled trimming from Chicwish. As I recall, ruffle was a big big trend that I still like myself, so you can imagine that I was really happy when I received my cute top. I've added a short skirt and my Versace hells, in one word, perfect !  Hope you like this look as well ^^

What I wore: - Versace heels - Bershka skirt - Chicwish lavender top ( find it here) - Mango purse and belt

So, how do you like the look? The top feels terrific and it's among my fave blouses for this fall, truly. Hope you're having a beautiful Monday !  Kisses, R.

Pinch of Leopard

Hey, guys! So, I won't keep you for small talk and I'll get right to the chase. This Sunday was super busy, mainly because I got out of bed very very late. But still, I wanted to do some pics of today's outfit so I can share with you. I'm not very glad with this cardigan from Wholesale7, but for the price maybe I might had expected a little to much maybe :). Nevertheless, if you want a bargain it's really something you should look into. I added a dash of leopard although the cardigan is grey, but I thought it worked ok. :)

What I wore: - Wholesale7 cardigan ( find it here) - Zara booties and scarf - Springfield satchel
So, how do you like this late fall look? I'm gonna return to my errands now. Wishing you a lovely Sunday! Kisses, R.


Hi, guys! Oh, I'm so glad it's the weekend. Well, to tell you the truth, I had so many things to do today that I didn't feel it was a weekend day, but I'll be sure to take full advantage of tomorrow haha. With a few days left until we close the October "file", the weather seems to take the full late autumn "look", I even seen that in my country snow has fallen! Brrr...happy I'm not there :) I wanted to approach another lovely trend for this fall, meaning wrap coats, that seem to fill every store in town lol! I would like to "brag" that mine is from Chicwish and there isn't one like it around <3 From an accessories point of view, I wanted to keep it simple and just added some vintage earrings and a gold-plated feather cuff also from Chicwish. I hope you will like my autumn look and also, this cute mix I find so cool!

What I wore: - Chicwish wrap coat ( find it here) - Mango boots - Very Simple backpack/bag ( find it here) - Zara leggings …