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Sunday afternoon

Hello, my dears! The weekend has passed and I hope y'all had a great one! In the afternoon, I went for a little walk around the city and as you are already used to, I'm sharing a few pics of my outfit for today. I feel I have a pattern taking place here... high waist skirt and cropped top ^^. Viewing my latest photos, I've noticed that I've been wearing this combo so much these last few days, but I can't say that I don't like it ^^  So, here's what I wore today, featuring my lovely pointed high heels from ASOS

Groove of the day:

What I wore: - Forever 21 skirt - New Look cropped top - Yes Walker mint satchel ( find it here) - ASOS pointed heels ( find it here)

So, hope you like my outfit. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter so you can keep up on updates ^^ And for those of you who go on the "battlefield" for great deals tomorrow, I wish you happy shopping !! :D See you in stores ^^ Kisses,

OOTD: ASOS green skirt and holographic clutch

Hi, guys! Cloudy Saturday afternoon here.. even got some rain.. definitely not summer weather, that's for sure! But with another month to go before departing for my home town, I guess I'll survive ^^. Plus that this month I'll enjoy the SALES.. wonderful period, what can I say? You don't need sunshine when you find incredible deals on clothes lol Anyway, back to my outfit for today. As you all know ( if you are following me on my social platforms), I had tons of packages waiting for me on my return from Spain. The biggest one was from ASOS, so you can feel my excitement when I got the chance today to try on the first item that I've picked from their online store - a gorgeous green skirt ! Oh, and speaking about reductions, they've already started the SALE ! :)

Groove of the day:

What I wore: - ASOS pleated skirt ( find it here) - Pimkie neon pumps - Guess tank - H&M clutch  -Bershka bracelet - Pimkie necklace

So, this is my look for today ^^. I hope you guys like it …

Google Reader is going away

Hi, guys!

Oh, yes, I'm still shocked! Just wanted to remind you that Google Reader is going away the 1st of July sadly :( .. and as many of you are already following me there, I would kindly ask you to follow me through Bloglovin' . )
Everybody is speculating that Bloglovin will be the next Google Reader, so if you like my blog and would like to stay in touch with me, please do follow me there. ( you can click the icon down below to be redirected to my Bloglovin page).  Also, for the bloggers who will join me through Bloglovin, leave your link below so I won't miss out on anyone and forget to return the love ^^.
Thank you and keep in touch :)
Kisses, R.

Red Valentino dress

Hello, my sweeties ! We've come to end another week and now that the weekend is here, all we can think about is a little R&R and maybe going out a little. So, with that in mind, I've managed to put together a perfect outfit for a Saturday afternoon in the city ( I know it's still Friday, but I imagine it as an outfit for Saturday lol).. Now, I'm a lot about turning heads and sometimes I just feel like spoiling myself a little and putting on a gorgeous dress and some heels and just hit the town! For today's outfit I have prepared a dress that is very very dear (and new) to me, a Red Valentino. My first actually clothing item signed by the famous designer! I found it at a incredible price while browsing this awesome online boutique that I've found, named Zalando .  I'm sure you must have heard of the store, I think it's in many countries and it has so much beautiful items that I simply adore and from time to time, you manage to find great promotions on …

Bejewelled. Flirt LA - pick of the week

Hi, guys! Here I am with another fashion find and another gorgeous outfit post. But before all that, I would like to introduce you to a wonderful online store from the US, namely Flirt LA . Don't worry, they ship worldwide and the best is that the shipping is FREE ! Yep, totally awesome, right? I am very lucky to be among the first ones to try their new cool items, so they are definitely my pick of the week because I simply adore the gem multicolour necklace and asymmetric black skirt I have from them! I've styled them up for a sortie (going out) last night and need I say that I felt as a star? Actually the outfit reminded me of a star singer from my country that I'm sure you've all heard of her- Inna. I can't say I'm a big fan of her.. I just like her songs :).

So, the groove of the day is:

What I wore:- Flirt LA asymmetrical chiffon skirt ( find it here) - Flirt LAnecklace ( find it here) - Guess heels - New Look cropped top - Zara clutch

I totally love this look, I h…

I'm back, baby !

Hi, guys! I'm finally home and gosh it feels like I've been gone forever.. I have like so many thing to do, I don't really know how I'll keep up! Spain was beautiful and so sunny... I miss it already. Hope I'll do another 3 days escape before departing in Romania :). Anyway, I was happy today that I got the chance to finally wear the beautiful dress from PersunMall. Here's how I've styled it:

What I wore: - Zara heels - Zara handbag - PersunMallretro design contrast drape chiffon dress ( find it here) - Massimo Dutti necklace - Urban Outfitters watch

I would have liked the dress's straps for the belt to be a little bit lower so it could really surround it perfectly. But, nevertheless, I lowered it ^^.. I love that it's excellent quality and I adore the way it fits me! Totally perfect for summer :). Need I remind you to follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook so you won't miss out on great updates? :) I hope you will join me there ^^ Good to be back Kisses…