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Smoking Stripes.

Hello my dears! I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Yesterday I went a little shopping, so I wasn't able to post anything. I go like once a month or so in Antwerpen to shop. I find that the shops there are so much better than the ones in Brussels! Here, Forever 21 is closed since last year's fire and I just found out that it will never open :( . Anyway, I had a nice time and hope to get back there soon! ^^ For today, I have another monochrome outfit. Since stripes are so hot now, I thought I'd do another  clothing mix with them.

What I wore: - Zara heels ( similar ones here) - Zara clutch (gorgeous one here from Charlotte Olympia ) - Forever 21 tuxedo pants ( similar ones here ) - Zara shirt - Mango sunglasses - Zara jacket

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OOTD: Casual with Karen Millen baroque booties

Hy, guys! I know most of you are getting ready for Easter, so I think you are very busy. :) (I celebrate Easter on the 5th of May ^^) I'm very happy with yesterday's look, as it was a great hit ! .. For today, I don't have the same level of "wow-ness", just a normal, casual outfit ^^. ( if you are following me on Instagram, you've already seen a little preview)

What I wore: - Karen Millen booties - Zara jacket - Blanco sweater - New Look clutch

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OOTD: The bureau. Red pumps and denim shirt.

Hello loves! Today we had a lovely weather and I took advantage to do some of my errands in the city center. I felt a little in my "office" mood so I chose my clothes according to this :). Next week I'll be leaving for 6 days, so I suggest you follow me on Twitter or Instagram ( or even Facebook, as the photos on Instagram and tweets are instantly published there), so we can stay in touch.:) Anyway, here is my outfit for today:

What I wore: - Mango heels ( dying over these ones) - Bershka skirt - Zara denim shirt ( loving this cropped one that's perfect for Spring/Summer) - Zara clutch ( awesome one here)

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Jungle fever

Hello, cuties! ^^ Hope you are having a wonderful week... Today we had a little bit of sun here in Brussels, so I enjoyed it a little between my errands. I went to do my passport, as well as other stuff for my work, but overall, I think it was a good day. Here's my outfit for today- perfect for a walking day on the distorted sidewalks of Brussels. :)

What I wore: - Zara pants - Mango sweater - New Look backpack - Oxfords bought from a store in London, during my trip 

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Beginning of something.

Hy guys! For those of you who follow me on Twitter ( or Facebook), probably know that I had the intention to (finally) dye my hair ombré. I did before some research and despite of what others may say, ombré hair is still HOT HOT HOT ! :) . But I did it for myself first of all.. The only thing I was afraid of was what impact may have on my hair's health, so I only did my ends a little to see how it goes. I care a lot for my hair so I didn't dye it for more than a year now, but lately I felt that it's time for a little change. I used the L'Oreal Feria Wild Ombre Hair kit which I recommend! It's an awesome product and I was sad that I didn't dare to put more on lol . I want to blonde-out more my hair tips. But I'll do this gradually, in time. Yesterday I went to the outlet again- my favorite place for a Sunday afternoon ( I don't go every week, just now and then). And also I had the chance to shoot my outfit :). Weather is still so cold here :( . Seems like …

Loose ends.

Hello, cuties ! "Groovy's the weekend!" Do you remember this line from Yahoo Messenger? I used to send it  to my friends when I was little ... oh how I miss those days! Now everything seems so difficult.. you're caught up in your daily routine that you barely have time for yourself. Today we had another episode of Winter in Spring, so I stood in most of the day cause it was snowing outside. I did, however, took a little walk to clear my head and get some fresh air, so I'd like to show you my outfit, as you're already used to :).

What I wore: - Zara boots - Zara boyfriend jeans - Mango top - Zara jacket ( similar one here  and here) - Mango sunnies ( just adore these ones) - Zara beanie ( similar here) - The bag is from Egypt ( it bought during my trip. See post here)

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