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Don't hold a Grunge against me

Hello sweeties !! I hope you are having a great week.
First of all I want to announce the winner of the MsDressy GIVEAWAY. I've sent MsDressy an email yesterday, but they didn't respond yet. I'll send them another one today for sure so the winner can have the credits added to her account. ^^
The winner was picked using Random Number Generator and guess that 29 was your lucky number ! ^^
Hope you will purchase your dream dress and wear it with joy !

Ok, now back at today's outfit. I know that grunge style is catching up this spring, so I thought I'd put together an outfit inspired of this cool trend.

What I wore: - River Island studded ankle boots (similar here) - New Look vest - Jennyfer jacket ( similar here) - Zara sweater, beanie and bracelet - Bershka short jeans 

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~Hood Scriptures~

Hy guys!
I know you are all very excited to know the winner for the MsDressy Giveaway, but I'll let you know tomorrow so I can verify the email you've entered to register at Thank you so much for entering!
Ok, so back to today's outfit post. I know it may seem a bit strange what I'm wearing, but I thought I'd try something new. I felt a bit "middle east" today, so you can definitely see the influence on today's look.
Tell me what you think ^*^

What I wore: - Zara sandals - Mango skirt - Zara purse - Zara faux fur vest - Zara shirt

Can't wait to read your feedback. And don't worry, I accept also constructive criticism :). Don't forget to check out great deals on my page and for more notifications, you can follow me on Facebook!  Kisses, R.

Streets at night

Hello sweeties!
I'm having such a busy week and, with good or bad, I'm trying to face it with style to say so haha :)
So, here is a quick outfit post that I've managed to do tonight.

What I wore - Bershka jeans - Louis Vuitton bag ( same one here) - Christian Louboutin shoes ( same here) - Zara jacket - Pimkie shirt  (similar here)

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Sunday Special

Hello sweeties !
I hope you had an awesome weekend!
I'm going to leave you with this OOTD post now and return to work. I did the photos real quick today, but still I think that I've pulled out the outfit really amazing. I'm so happy that I could finally afford to buy those Zara booties. :)

What I wore: - Zara booties, purse, dress and fur vest - Sarah Pacini gloves

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Hy, guys!
I just wanted to share with you some pics of my outfit for today. I went a little shopping to forget about this horrible weather and all the work I have to do these days... hope you are having more fun than me :).
I have promised not to neglect me blog this weekend, so I'm keeping my promise. Basically I wanted to wore today my River Island boots that I've purchased during the sales. It's such a shame that we don't have River Island in Brussels. I always have to go in Antwerpen to seek cool stores!

What I wore
- River Island ankle boots (very similar ones here)
                                                                    - Zara maxi skirt
- Zara purse - W.E. leather jacket - River Island sweater - Sarah Pacini gloves ( loving these ones with Swarovski crystals)

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Take a walk on the Wild side

Hello, sweeties!
Guess what? It's Friday and the weekend is here. I bet most of you have plans for the weekend. Me... well I'll be working, but I won't neglecting my blog, so stay tuned for new posts!
I had an interview yesterday for another job. I won't be changing jobs, just making the most of my free time. I like being always in movement. It keeps me motivated.
As for today's outfit post, I thought I'd do something more "luxurious" to say so :). The weather is still freezing here in Brussels and I've taken my Loubis out for a spin today, so I may look like a little Yeti :D.


Coucou mes bonbons! devinez quoi? on est vendredi et le weekend arrive! je parie que la plupart d'entre vous ont des plans de prévu? 
Pour ma part... je vais  travailler, mais je ne négligerai pas mon blog pour autant? Donc restez à l'écoute ! 

Sinon, hier j'ai eu une interview pour un autre emploi. Je ne vais pas changer de job, mais juste maximiser mon temps li…

How to have a glamourous hair

Hy, guys!  No, sorry, no OOTD for today. I do, however, have something really awesome to share with you! 

I bet you all have seen my Saturday night look, and I've got a lot of compliments on my hair, but I bet you don't know that my bangs is a clip-on! Yes, that's right... It's made from natural hair. You can dye it, straighten it, curl it or whatever you want! 

So, my post for today regards hair-extensions. The best, easy and quick way for someone to have fabulous long hair overnight.  I must say I am a big fan of hair extensions. I had so many over the years from clip-ons to micro-ring, and now even bangs. :) I think it's the perfect way to have an awesome hairdo!

That being said, I'd like to share with you a great online site that has any type of hair that you want! From blonde to brunette, straight to wavy, clip-on to micro ring, Best Hair Buy has it all. You can purchase real hair extensions at incredible prices! I think all of you ladies wanted to have th…

Leopard oxfords in another Casual Outfit

Hello sweeties!
As you ca see from the title, today I'm wearing another casual outfit, but this time NO HEELS! I had a look at my recent posts and in all I've been wearing heels. I guess today I thought to myself to have a heel-free (and make-up free) day :).
Maybe on Friday I'll have something more glam to post, so stay tuned!!

What I wore: - Urban Outfitters leggings - Urban Outfitters sweater - Urban Outfitters bag - Migato oxfords ( similar ones here) - Michael Kors watch ( buy your own here)

Thank you so much for viewing and don't forget to check out great deals on my page and also, enter my GIVEAWAY !! - only 7 days remaining -  Good luck ! :) Kisses, R.