Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hat and Denim

Good afternoon, my dears! It's Sunday (again), and weather is just great.
I have just a quick post for today of my outfit that I put together to go downtown.

What I wore: 
- Bershka heels
- Morgan de Toi top
- Zara denim blouse
- Zara bag

This is it for the day ! I wish you a nice day and don't forget to check great deals on my page ^^

Friday, September 28, 2012

Black as Sin

Hey sweeties!
Hope you had a great week! I didn't had such a nice day...sometimes when you stumble upon people who just don't think or act without thinking of others, just ruins your day ! I was so furious this morning.. I just hate people who say something and do exactly the opposite !
My good news for the day, that really has soften me, was my feature on The Urban Lioness 's blog which I love! ^^ I'd like to thank her for cheering my day and just say it's an honor to be in her blog!
Returning to fashion, I'd like to show you my outfit of the day

What I wore: 
- Mango jeans
- Mango blouse
- Sfera purse
- Bershka heels and necklace

I wanted to buy something else to go with my blouse, but for the moment I'm featuring it more simple. I adore the blouse,it's absolutely gorgeous and reminds me of Dolce Gabbana's baroque inspired runway!
I chose this Bershka necklace to the outfit cause I really think it ads some "life", with all its starfishes and whelks .
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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Autumn's Finest

Autumn's Finest

I thought for today I'd show you another Fall outfit that I consider being so chic!!
I really love Mango... I saw it as a more stylish alternative of Zara! And also I'm so in-love with their contrast toe pumps! I find them amazing. Looking forward on getting a pair^^
This was just a quick post for the day as I'm so very busy planning my birthday. I know it's a month and a half away, but still I want to make the most of it. 
So see you tomorrow with an outfit post!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tassels Court front Shoes

Hey guys!
I had a very busy day!But I just wanted to publish this very quick post of my outfit I wore today, build around these fab shoes from New Look!

What I wore:
- New Look shoes
- Mango top
- W.E. leather jacket
- Fox leggings/jeans ( )
- New Look clutch

It was a sunny day, even though the temperature didn't pass 16 degrees... I am so missing summer!
I really love the tassels court front shoes trend that's been going on^^. These New Look shoes are my first heels with that type of front, and the studs really gives you the Rock accent for your outfit!

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Until next time I wish you well!
Bang !! R. :)

Monday, September 24, 2012

OOTD : Fringe booties and Fur vest

Ok, so I've been so obsessed with Inna's latest song - India! I'm not such a big fan of her, but I really "feel" the song. Although her video is so different from what I'm about to show you, I think my outfit for the day is more in "theme" with her song. It's just my way of seeing things :)

What I wore :
- F21 top
- H&M sweater
- New Look tights
- Pimkie faux fur vest
- Zara Trf booties
- Sfera purse

Those Zara fringe booties took my heart away from the first moment I laid eyes on it ! I knew I had to have them!! I adore that indy/western look they give to the outfit and also they remind me of Louboutin's Fringe Forever booties.

I also tried this new make-up inspired by Jean Paul Gaultier,but I did something more soft - didn't want to look like a zombie :).

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Egyptian experience

Hey guys!
I know it has been a while (well more than a while) since I did my trip in Egypt, but today I just felt like sharing a little more of my days spent in this magical country!
I visited somewhere in August this year and I stood about 8 days. I must admit that it was my first time outside Europe and I wasn't disappointed at all.
I arrived at night in this neat town called Hurghada, so I didn't see much the surroundings . But when I woke up I had this amazing view from my room.

Sultan Bay Hotel

The weather is so hot, but although it's hotter the Cyprus, for instance, you don't sweat cause the air is so dry! The first day I spent there, I just stood at the hotel mostly and just went a little in the town, but not far... I don't like to wonder off in a country with rules so strict and everything. Plus that you barely make it across the long streets full of salesmen that try to sell you everything in their store. I guess they have this idea that if you European or American,you're full of money!

And now I'll just show you a couple of pics of my visits I did in Egypt during my stay ^^

Beduin house in the middle of the desert

You can already see the the blooming cities around the river Nile 

The river Nile 

A little shoot of me right next to the Valley of the Kings
( they don't let you take photos after you cross the gates)

Me at Deir el-Bahari temple wearing a light dress made of flax (witch I totally recommend for hot days)
and MiuMiu flats with a Reserved bag

Beautiful Red Sea

City of Cairo

The Pyramids of Giza

The great Sphinx 

I just posted some of the many pics I took in Egypt. If you have any questions at all, just post a comment and I'll get back to you.
Until tomorrow I wish you well and if you like my blog, you can follow it via GFC ^^

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