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New in Town (review of the Gliss Kur Repair set)

 So it's been a month since I bought the Gliss Kur Ultimate Repair set and I want to share my review I think the smell of the shampoo is to strong..I mixed with another shampoo cause from my point of view ,it doesn't washes to good ! I don't really know if it's because of it ,but my hair really fell down in the last month.I thought it might be the shampoo cause you can sense from the smell that it's full of chemicals ! I know every shampoo or mask is,but still..I find it to extreme.. So..I don't really have a positive review of the product. Sorry ,for me it wasn't what I expected!

Street Look

Just wanted to point out what I see as a perfect street look!

Just a quick post! :)
 This pic was made today...I found a Steve Madden store in Antwerpen so I picked out a leopard-print shoes. I like them; very comfortable !The belt I have it for 5 years now.In my eyes clothes and accessories never die, they are always in transformation.The shorts are from F21,I always find such nice things there!The bag is Versace for H&M - a gorgeous leather..

If you have Qs ,you can send me a message and don't forget to check out the deals in right of the page :)
Thank you

Special event deal!

Every girl dreams of wonderful long nails,especially long nails done in a special way!

 Sadly our day routine doesn't allow us to grow them to long and even if we do ,it will be so hard to do our household chores ...
 But don't worry if you're planning to attend a special event! The answer is fake nails! yes...that superficial method we all resort to when we have to go out and have long lovely nails!

 I found a great deal at Claire's ! They have so many styles ,it was so hard to choose!

 I went for this model..I found it more apart..and plus you will wear them 1- 2 days (at least that's what I'm planning on !) ..

 They come in a 24 nails package with glue and an applier's the first time I resort to fake nails just to try it!I hope they won't destroy so much my nails. Anyway ,for 5 € I find them really nice!

The SALES !!

Happy New Year and Happy Sales ! :)
 As you all know,the seasonal reductions have began and I just love this period as I like good deals !

 I'm gonna share a little of what I got today..I was all day in the city and I didn't even manage to complete the hole stores tour!

  Just love all the things at discount! I was very disappointed by Forever 21 thinking that they must have a lot of great reductions and when I walked into the store there were some things in discount,but not good I cleared the shop very sad..
 Anyway..Forever 21 is a new store in my town so I didn't actually knew their policy when it comes to the reduction period.Probably they have later on great deals! They do have a lot of stuff at great prices as it is,but today I was very concentrated in getting nice things at super prices!I believe that's the purpose of reductions - allowing someone to shop great bargains !

  So anyway ,continuing my shopping tour,I went to one of my old favorite stores - Be…