Sunday, February 19, 2017

Spring is coming

Hi guys,
Hope you had an amazing weekend. I'm slowly coming back from my leave of absence with a brand new outfit that just yells "spring promise" :). I'm wearing my amazing two piece suit from Wolf& Whistle. The cute pink blouse is also from their wonderful Spring collection, so you better have a look at what other goodies they have added for the coming season.

What I wore:
- Zara shoes and bag

Thank you so much for checking out the blog, guys!
I really do hope I'll be back on a daily basis as I was until now.


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Call me Marilyn

Hi guys,
A new day, a new opportunity to make something awesome, right? I'm contributing at the day's awesomeness by brining you a new outfit post ! :)
I bet you'll totally love this '20/Gatsby inspired look that is quite simple to put together. I'm a bit short in text today cause I have to be ready for my NL course in only 2 hours ! 

What I wore:
- New Look clutch
- Guess fake fur coat

Really hope you like this dressy look ! 
I'll be back tomorrow with a brand new outfit post :)


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Vday cut

Hi guys,
I want to wish you a very happy Vday ! I can't say I'm "in love" after 10 years of relationship, but I do still love very much my better half and I'm grateful to have such a reliable person in my life.
I'll be going for a lovely dinner tonight with him and I just can't wait ! 
I have a new outfit post for you today as well ! It's another outfit that I've managed to put together before I parted Brussels for my trip. I was quite in the dressy mood, right?

What I wore:
- Morgan de Toi clutch

Really hope you like the look, guys!


Monday, February 13, 2017

Never be like you

Hi guys,
Hope the week has started well for all of you ! I'm actually waiting to go at the Flemish course that I've signed up for! Yep, I'm learning a new language and because of my recent vacation, I've missed out on my first 3 classes, so I'm kinda nervous. 
Anyway, I'm back in Brussels, with a new vacation in the planning and with new positive vibes to set the scene of new outfit posts and interesting finds. Are you ready ?
Here's today's look, perfect for V-day if you ask me ! 

What I wore:
- TwinkleDeals dress
- Lightinthebox coat
- Lightinthebox shoes
- Dezzal bag
- Zaful body jewelry 

Really hope you like the look, guys!
Can't wait to be back with more xo


Sunday, February 12, 2017

Village Hotel Changi - Singapore

Hey guys,
Hope your weekend is going well. I'm actually waiting to go at my aunt's place so we can study for our flemish exam tomorrow...I thought that, while I was waiting to part, I'd share with you a new article about my stay at Village Hotel Changi in Singapore, which was also my last stop before I went back to Brussels.
I also made a little YouTube video for you ! 

The hotel is conveniently placed very close to the Changi Airport so it was the perfect place to crash for a day. I already visited the main tourist attractions on my first visit in Singapore, so this hotel was exactly what I was looking for, a nice, clean, quite place where I can enjoy my last day in the country.
It is fairly far from the main tourist attractions, so I see it as a perfect hotel for business people or for people who already been over there and just want to enjoy a calm stay.
You can also visit the nearby mall of Tampines where I found some very interesting shops and my fave one, Victoria's Secret that we don't have in Belgium.

The room is quite tidy and clean, with an amazing big bed where you sleep like an angel ! It's a very quiet area so it's perfect to take a nice rest. I really loved the big bathtub and the celling shower. 

It's quite cool that they also have room service after 11pm until morning and I really loved their breakfast as well. You can really eat very good and the food variety is incredible ! 
After a short visit at the mall, I went back to the hotel hoping to enjoy my last hours in Singapore by relaxing.

Of course, they have an infinity pool at the 8th floor of the hotel and the water was so warm, just perfect to spend a few hours over there.

Afterwards, I killed some time at the hotel's spa, choosing a full body aromatherapy massage that was simply astonishing.
My last day was so relaxing and I enjoyed it so much thanks to this awesome hotel ! It's just the thing to do before a 13h flight and 1h and a half train ride back home...
Really hope you enjoyed the post, guys and don't forget to subscribe for daily posts ! 


Saturday, February 11, 2017

Coco Grove Beach Resort - Siquijor

Hi guys,
I'm back home after a super long trip, but I'm happy everything went smoothly and except for my sun burn problem, I had no bad experiences along the way. Furthermore, I had amazing experiences at the hotels I stayed in and I would love to share those experiences with you as I think it would be valuable info in case you'd like to trace my steps. 
Today I would love to speak about this awesome resort I found in the island of Siquijor that I certainly a must-visit place. I really felt I was in Heaven; white pigeons and all. 
It has even a water sanctuary where you can do snorkeling and admire the beautiful marine life there. I'm going to do a video of what you can see over there very soon and add it to the article, until then, you can feast your eyes upon the one that I've already made of the resort:

The Coco Grove Beach Resort offers a lot of services, like shuttles from the Siquijor pier to the resort and back, they have even a stunning yacht called the Coco Princess, a boat that was built inside the resort from bamboo by the locals.

 The resort is quite big and I stood at the newest part of it.
Everything is grown there from vegetables to animals and they even have their own water source, being a very pure water, better than the one we have in Europe of course. The food is very tasty and their chefs even prepare delicious deserts, from where I recommend the chocolate cake - my fave! 
The menu is quite diverse, having both international and filipino local food. You can enjoy it while gazing at the sea, by the beach... I recommend going to the Sunset restaurant to see how the sun sets over the sea, a perfect nature made moment.

-Breakfast time -

- Dinner time-

The beach is very clean ( as is the rest of the resort) and you have about 2km of beautiful water and amazing sea life to discover, and you can also rent ( for free) a canoe to stroll around. I did it and it was very cool ! 

If you feel like relaxing, they even have a spa where you can take a full body massage. I chose the aromatherapy one and it was amazing and quite cheap.

Throughout the resort, you have 3 swimming pools, one of them being just in front of where I stood. It's quite great to go for a swim during the evening when there is no one ! The water is warm and perfect to dive in ! 

Also, they have twice per week this barbecue party where you can eat fresh grilled fish ( and other grilled meat), accompanied by the talented local filipino girls who sing quite lovely ! They also have all sorts of festivities throughout the week so you never get bored. I wish I could have stayed longer because it was so fabulous.

The room was spacious, clean and decorated in the island spirit with furniture made within the island. The paintings and everything else was also made there. An unique combination of vintage island vibes with modern taste. Of course, the breathtaking moment is when you open the terrace door and gaze upon the beautiful view, as well as taking a spin in that fairytale like swing.

- my happy place - 

- room view-

Yes, this is heaven ! 💕💕💕💘💙

I hope that someday I'll be returning cause, as I heard from the CEO, which, btw, is an amazing man, they will invest more in the resort making it even more awesome !

Really hope you like the article, guys! I have so many more pics to share with you, but I chose (very difficult) the best ones that channel the resort's beauty !